What is 30 percent of 1000?

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30% of 1000 = 300
Answer: thirty percent of one thousand equals three hundreds
Your budget is $1000 and the discount was 30%. You are a buyer, so you can buy the product at 30% off of list price and save $300. This sends your price down from $1000 to $700. To calculate the savings, you must know what the original price of the item was, then compare it to the discounted price.

Step 1:   30 : 100 = 0.3

Step 2:   0.3 * 1000

Step 3:   Answer = 300

Percentage Table for 1000

How calculate 30% of 1000

In the store, the product costs $1000, you were given a discount 30% and you want to understand how much you saved.


Amount saved = Product price * Percentage Discount/ 100

Substituting values: (30 * 1000) / 100

Discount amount: $300

Thus, if the product costs $1000 and a 30% discount, you save $300. To be paid: $1000 - $300 = $700.

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